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Love stories about the web … based on true events — PART I

I’ve been working for some years across different teams of different sizes in Financial organisations… and this kind of projects can easily drive you crazy… seven types of buttons, thirteen types of inputs… and several tons of technical debt and not reusable code written in 3 different programming languages to illustrate your UI.

Give all the power and structures to your developers and they will give you love !!!

Two years and half ago, Web Components… mostly custom elements came into our rescue… but… it is not that easy to explain to users, managers and stakeholders of financial products that they should:

…embrace the future and #useThePlatform principles to develop and improve their products ,

Imagine that most of these organisations are still using COBOL to write their core systems.

This first episode won’t be much technical, but only a starting point to introduce our best practices to make teams happy and have sustainable front-end Architecture.

Next episodes:

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Easy ,Easily , Documentation


Share , communicate and divide to conquer .

Create your component ecosystem to be reused across the organisation, explain that using Standards will drive you to not have thousands of different components doing the same. This will help you to innovate and build new things fast, safe and future proof.

Soon as everybody agreed, you should start coming with solutions and web components are the instrument that will contribute to make our lives easier.

Browser Support

Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!! we are almost there !!!!!

Today we don’t have any excuse to say that we cannot work with web components. Most of needed features are already supported in modern browsers. The support can be native or by using pollyfills, the things are moving fast, meaning in a short future we won’t need compatibility layer anymore.

Source :

Development tools

Developer happiness

Why developers run away from this kind of organisations? it is mainly because they won’t do cool things like Google, Facebook or other companies are doing… Well!!!!!

Isn’t always like that, everywhere you are, you should feel like you can make the difference and contribute doing your best. This is a major motivation to build tools to make your developers happy and provide a nice development workflow/environment for them.

Demo from o-demo-tools development environment

In our case using Monorepo or something that makes your code close to each other… worked well… fail fast, recover even faster, and see final results fast.


These are only some of the fields we try to accomplish when we are starting a new project from scratch… bring easy fresh tools, avoid all the toils and focus on the happy coding, give the users the best. Web Components embrace the future and bring us the ability to share, reuse and build a fast web for the future.